QuickBooks Online (QBO) versus desktop .......
    which accounting software is right for your business?

Information technology is rapidly changing and cloud computing solutions are quickly replacing their desktop counterparts. While this level of access provides convenience, online solutions may not always be suitable for your business. The same is true of QuickBooks Online (QBO), the cloud-based accounting software by Intuit. If you are trying to decide which QuickBooks software is best for your business, consider the following factors:

QuickBooks Online is a great choice for your business if you need:

  • anytime access from your PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone
  • to create and send estimates or invoices on the go

QuickBooks Desktop is a better choice for your business if you need:

  • strong inventory control or job costing
  • to create sales orders and back orders
  • to receive partial purchase orders or progress invoicing

Comparison charts and information:

Currently QuickBooks desktop is more powerful and flexible than QBO but the online version is improving at an astounding rate. It is easy to convert a QuickBooks desktop data file to QBO but you cannot revert a QuickBooks Online file back to QuickBooks desktop. QBO is a monthly paid subscription whereas QuickBooks desktop can be purchased outright (with the exception of the payroll feature).

Regardless of which QuickBooks product you choose, QBooks Consulting can assist you with your initial setup, data migration and training. Should you wish to discuss options, please feel free to contact us.

Are you getting the maximum benefit from QuickBooks?
    Do you know how to use its helpful features?

Most QuickBooks users focus their time on basic accounting tasks and are unaware of the software's many helpful and easy-to-use features. When QuickBooks is setup correctly, users are amazed to learn that QuickBooks can save them time and provide many valuable reports.

QBooks Consulting can customize QuickBooks to meet your company’s needs, help you get the most out of your software and allow you to spend more time on what truly matters - managing your business.

Do you want to track your inventory more effectively and accurately?

Accurately managing inventory is extremely challenging. If setup correctly, QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise can assist with keeping track of products on hand, inventory required for sales orders, inventory coming in from purchase orders and minimum/maximum quantity requirements. If needed, landed costs can also be included to determine true product costing. Customized reports can then be created to reveal which products are your best sellers or generate your highest profits.

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